Royal Navy destroyer HMS Derwent
NHS Nurses at Claybury Nursing School


Newham Heritage Week 2018 runs from the 8th to the 18th of November. It is all about celebrating and learning from the experiences of people who have lived and worked in Newham. This year we will focus on anniversaries to tell Newham's story, looking at 100 years since the end of WWI and the women's Suffrage movement; and 70 years since the Windrush brought Caribbean migrants to Britain, many of whom came to work in the newly founded NHS. Eastside Community Heritage have been commissioned by Newham Council to provide a series of multimedia workshops to young people, enabling them to reflect on Newham's past, present, and future. This website and its contents have been designed and produced by the young people of Newham who attended these workshops.  


Eastside Community Heritage seeks to build, service and enable partnerships which record, document and preserve the experiences of different communities, through the provision of social, cultural, educational and historical activities. Our methodology incorporates education and training, with schools, families and adult learners. Eastside produces exhibitions, publications and multi media which are an opportunity for all cultures and age ranges to engage in a proactive discovery of their own and their community’s history, culture and heritage. 

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Eastside Community Heritage

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